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Pathways to Employment

Employment Opportunities

Wallara has a number of supported employment opportunities across a variety of areas including:

  • Logistics
  • Hospitality
  • Land management services
  • Media
  • Retail
  • Horticulture 
  • Office administration 

A number of our programs of support are designed to build the skills needed to be successful in achieving supported employment within Wallara or preparation for open employment opportunities if that is an identified NDIS goal.

Accredited Courses

We also offer courses that are accredited and are often great pathways to employment across a range of areas:

  • Certificate 1 Work Transition
  • Certificate 1 Work Education
  • Certificate 11 Work Education
  • Language and Literacy skill set
  • Safe Food Handling
  • Safe Food Handling – Supervisor
  • White Card
  • First Aid

Sevda’s Pathway to Hospitality

“I love greeting and serving customers and making their coffee. I feel really proud when I see my customers smile”

Sevda began her hospitality journey learning barista skills with our Potter Coffee program in Dandenong. After developing her skills and confidence Sevda transitioned to Sages Cottage Farm where she progressed from work experience in day programs to becoming a supported employee at Harvest Café. 

Ben’s Media Pathway

“Getting drafted by the Saints was one of the best things to happen to me.”

Ben’s dream has always been to work in sports media and Wallara has supported Ben to build a pathway in that field. Ben joined the WallaraTV school of Media to learn video production, and he quickly took on the role of Producer of Wallara’s weekly radio show. Using his video editing skills, Ben was able to land an internship at St Kilda Football Club in their media department. The experience has given Ben the confidence to set up his own micro business in video editing.

Clancy and Riley’s Pathway to Horticulture

Clancy and Riley are identical twins who joined the gardening day program at Sages Cottage Farm. They loved being outdoors and enjoyed the work so much that they requested to participate in the Wallara Grass Busters program, a work readiness garden care program. The Grass Busters program enabled both Clancy and Riley to develop and build their skills further in gardening and property maintenance as well as building their work readiness and technical skills. From Grass Busters Clancy and Riley have moved onto bigger and better things gaining supported employment positions in Wallara’s Land Management Services division, doing work for customers such as St Kilda Football Club and Le Mans Go Karting.

Camilo’s Pathway to Warehousing

Camilo commenced on a pathway to employment by taking part in a Wallara work experience program. Camilo was able to try a number of different work programs including Potter Coffee, Grass Busters, retail in the Wallara Shop and in our Logistics division. These experiences have enabled Camilo to find a wonderful work life balance, working as a supported employee three days a week at Wallara Logistics and connecting socially with Wallara’s explore activities programs two days a week.