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We can help you with short term stays to build your independent living skills all the way to finding your own home (or living in one of ours) and moving out.

Short-term Accommodation (STA)

Short term accommodation (STA) involves living away from home for a limited time (up to 28 days), while your usual carers aren’t available.

Wallara provides short-term accommodation (formerly known as respite) in a shared home located in Dandenong. Staying in your own independent unit, fully furnished with a private bathroom, you would share the kitchen, laundry and lounge area with 4 other residents, providing a great social connection. 

A short-term stay provides you the opportunity to; try new things, explore a new community, develop independent living skills, consider if living away from home might be a future goal for you. 

Everything is taken care for you during your stay including support with; personal care, meals (including snacks), medication support and assistance with domestic needs such as laundry. We can also help you with participation in external activities or outings. 

Specific NDIS short-term accommodation (STA) funding is required to access this service. If you don’t currently have STA funding in your plan, we can support you to access it and be able to participate in this Wallara offering.

Immersion Program

Wallara is leading the way in Australia in regards to independent living skills through a full immersive residential program involving a two-week live-in training program in daily living skills.

Our immersion strategy is modelled on the successful studies at ‘Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually impaired’ in San Francisco and is based on the 8 domains of life (referenced by NDIS), introducing essential life skills to live a confident independent life.  

We spend time getting to know you; what gets you up in the morning, what puts a smile on your face, what you like and dislike, and what your future hopes and dreams are. With this knowledge, we create a personalised program that provides you with a great foundation for success and happiness in future supported independent living. 

“Mike enjoyed his time in the immersion program very much and learned a great deal about himself, the responsibilities of living in the outside world, and living with a new group of people.  I was amazed at the program, it was so well developed and supported, everything was covered.” – Carolyn Henry, parent of Mike Henry



Wallara operates a number of supported shared homes in Melbourne’s South East.

Our person-centred, caring and professional staff are there to support you in many areas including:


  • Formalising your independent living goals and desires to ensure that you are able to receive the correct NDIS funding
  • Familiarising you with your local area
  • Forming and maintaining friendships
  • Participating in social and community activities
  • Arranging and attending appointments
  • Responding to all forms of communication
  • Supporting residents to build skills with independent living which includes managing household tasks: cooking, domestic duties, shopping
  • Using public transport
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